Yoder & Frey's Absentee / Pre-Bid system allows you to place bids prior to the actual start of the physical auction. In the event that you are unable to attend the auction, you may place an Absentee or Pre-Bid for items that are eligible for such bids (typically only items selling for over $2,500).

When you place an Absentee / Pre-Bid, Yoder & Frey bids on your behalf, up to and including the maximum amount you specify. Your purchase will be obtained at the lowest bid possible. When placing a bid, the dollar amount you list is the most that you will pay for that item. We do not start the bidding at that price. Your bid will considered like any other bidder who is at the site, however, tie bids go to the onsite bidder. The minimum Absentee / Pre-Bid Yoder & Frey will accept is $2,500. The maximum depends on the amount of the refundable deposit that you place with us.

To place a bid you must register to bid using our Absentee / Pre-Bid system, and place a refundable deposit equal to 25% of the amount of your bid, or $2,500, whichever is greater. We cannot accept your bid until we have received your refundable deposit. Deposits can be in the form of a bank wire (click here to view wire instructions), certified check or credit card via our online credit card system. If you use our online credit card system a "deposit" can be made by simply placing a hold on a credit card. In this case the credit card is not charged, and if you are unsuccessful with your bid, no refund will be necessary as your card will not have been charged (click here to place a deposit). If you are a successful bidder, and want to complete payment by credit card, you will be charged an additional 3% service charge.

You can place a bid as soon as the Absentee / Pre-Bid system has opened (this usually happens one week before the auction). To ensure that you don't miss an item you're interested in buying, we recommend that you place your bids as soon as you decide on a bid; however, we will continue to accept bids up to the day before the auction. Please note that we can't guarantee that your Absentee/Pre-Bid will be submitted. We do our best to process and submit Absentee/Pre-Bids; however, please note that all Absentee/Pre-Bids are submitted on a "best effort" basis.