Selling with Yoder & Frey is a simple and straightforward process.

  • A Yoder & Frey Sales Representative will conduct an inspection and appraisal of your equipment.
    Upon signature of your contract, Yoder & Frey will take care of everything including transportation, refurbishment and repair of equipment.
  • We advertise your equipment around the world in specialised trade publications, websites, auction brochures and on our website.
  • An average auction attracts Buyers from over 40 countries ensuring your equipment fetches true market value.
  • We collect auction proceeds and pay you within 21 days.

 If you have a considerable amount of equipment to sell Yoder & Frey offers an offsite auction service for reasons such as Cessation of Trading or Retirement Auctions.

Contact one of our sales representatives today to see how we can help you capitalize your equipment. To find your nearest sales representative click here.

Selling your equipment with Yoder & Frey ensures you reach a global audience.