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Unreserved Absolute Policy

Every auction is completely unreserved (absolute). Unreserved auctions are best for both buyers and sellers.

Buyers attend in search of quality equipment at a fair price, with no reserve prices, no minimum bids and no buy-backs from sellers. Our unreserved policy ensures that buyers can purchase equipment at true global market value.

The unreserved policy attracts sellers because they are confident that with so many interested buyers from around the world in competition, their equipment will achieve the best possible price. Sellers know that their consignments will be exposed to potential buyers all around the world through brochures and advertising and on auction day our sellers know that an unreserved auction is a true reflection of market value.

Yoder & Frey's Unreserved Policy ensures that neither the seller, nor their agents are permitted, by contract, to bid or buy back their own equipment.


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