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Breaking Records - Largest Excavator Sale in the World

At the recent March sale in Leeds, of Yoder & Frey's parent company - Euro Auctions - the hammer total hit almost $75 million, with 6,000+ lots for sale, including 1000 excavators, on the 25th Anniversary , proving the biggest sale ever and what is believed to be the largest excavator sale in the world!

Like the perfect storm, the planets aligned, consignors offered more quality machinery than ever before, buyers got wind of the fact the machinery on offer was of exceptional quality and there was lots of it. That, combined with consignments of  1,000 excavators, from mini excavators to over 200k llb machines, that went over the ramp on sale day, this was the most exceptional sale that Euro Auctions has ever hosted. And, if that want enough, it coincided with the 25th Anniversary of Euro Auctions.

In March 1998, 25 years ago, in Dromore, northern Ireland, the keys family were hosting their first plant auction, which featured 371 lots, which sold for a hammer price approaching $1.65 million. Now, 25 years later, 6,171 lots from 578 vendors, from 28 countries, were sold to 4,888 bidders from 90 countries, for a final hammer price of almost $75 million! Whatever Euro Auctions has been doing in the last 25 years, they certainly have got the formula right!

At this March sale, 578 vendors from 28 countries consigned equipment to the sale. Predictably, it was the home nation that ruled this auction, with 511 vendors coming from the UK. With 6,171 lots for sale reaching an average lot value of $11,995 this was an indicator of the quality of each item sold.

4,888 bidders registered to take part in this sale with the crowd on the day one of the biggest Euro Auctions have seen, with 20% of bidders registered for the first time with Euro Auctions, of which over 15% purchased.

Again, the home crowds were the most aggressive bidders with UK buyers securing 45% of the lots on offer, with bidders from Europe being 51% of the buyers, with the Middle East, North America, Africa, South America and the Caribbean making up the remainder.

What was the mood of the sale? Chris Osborne, Sales Manager at Euro Auctions comments on the key points of March 2023 sale, including his Top Picks from the sale.

“To continue to report that Euro Auctions has just had another record breaking sale, sale-on- sale, may be sounding repetitive, however the business cannot apologize enough for that continued exuberance in reporting each sale. That fact is each sale just gets better and better. We are inundated with good machinery and our customers trust us to achieve best price.”

Record Consignments Show Confidence & Trust in Euro Auctions

“The strength of this sale was astounding, with the number and quality of consignments unprecedented. With many large rental companies refreshing inventory, sending large multiple consignments to this sale, and the numbers were quite remarkable.  This shows the level of trust and confidence that the market has in Euro Auctions. To dispose such large consignments of machinery, in an open and unreserved sale, on the final knock of the auctioneers hammer, our consignors trust Euro Auctions to gain the best price the market can provide. “

“Following various conversations, many of those rental companies, it was clear that they were awaiting consignments of new machines from OEMs. With fresh used machines maintaining their value when compared to new stock, owners were happily disposing of inventory, with an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ attitude at this sale. These were strategic business decisions, as you don’t sell $ millions worth of machines, at an unreserved sale, on a whim.”

Strong Prices

“At this auction it was evident prices were going to be strong from the very first day. There was an urgency to the activity of the sale, with prospective buyers not holding back, but getting straight into serious bidding. My colleagues and I could feel the atmosphere which was palpable. We have been noticing this sense of urgency at previous sales where buyers are keen to try and secure good lots. Whilst this is a ‘self-regulating’ industry, with the market dictating the value of each item sold – demand and supply set the price. Those following the auction closely will have noticed that many models increased in prices since the sales of late 2022.”

Market Price

“The used construction and agricultural machinery sector in the UK, and Europe, uses each Euro Auctions sale to ‘price check’ the industry. As we sell so much construction and agricultural machinery, every 6 weeks, we do know the true value of equipment. With 6,000+ machines at this sale, including  1,000 excavators, we have a wide breadth of data at our disposal as to what machine values are. This is supplemented with the data from our other Global sites in the USA, Australia and the UAE, meaning we know the global price of equipment. As we will sell models and ranges from almost every popular manufacturer, age from new to 10+ years old, we really do know what current values are.”

Stock In Abundance

“For the next Euro Auctions sale at the Leeds site, on the 26th to 29th April we have over 4,000 pieces already consigned to this auction and in the yard at Leeds. With consignors choosing to work with Euro Auctions so far out in the auction cycle, vendors trust us and want us to sell their equipment for them.” Included in this next sale are:

750+ Excavators

230+ Dumpers

140+ Telehandlers

130+ Rollers

200+ Manlifts

80+ Tractors

150+ Engines

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