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Another successful Yoder & Frey 'OFF-SITE' sale on behalf of CCU Coal & Construction Company

On what was a beautiful warm and sunny Ohio day Yoder & Frey held a successful auction on behalf of CCU Coal and Construction Company with over 500 interested bidders from 33 countries.

Commenting, Yoder & Frey Account Manager Jayson Hutchinson “Yoder & Frey have a reputation for conducting successful 'off site’ sales and this was another one. We hosted this auction online and on site and we’d like to thank everyone who came along and all those who participated online. Online made up over 60% of the sales total with a true international buying market, with buyers coming from Nigeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Viet Nam, Bahamas and the Netherlands among others”

“The push is now on for buyers to remove their new equipment by 28th August. Yoder & Frey can help with this. Contact Aaron on 419.708.0376

Other contacts for help with tear down and transport are Roy Netting from Nicolo Zakes – 710. 680.3057 or [email protected].

We hope to see you all at our next auction in Kissimmee Florida 3 Sept 2020 or the online sale of one of Ohio most prestigious contractors based in SW Ohio as they continue with yearly fleet renewal programme; most equipment comes with full service history and can be inspected on site , please call Jayson 513.254.0528

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