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About our Auctions

We are in the business of helping people buy and sell machinery, hassle free, quick and easy. Since 1964 we have been helping people sell machinery, last year alone we sold over 500 million dollars worth of equipment for our customers. With a global audience Yoder & Frey are experts in getting the return you need.

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Interested in Selling

Interested in Selling

We sell machinery and equipment for every industry from agricultural to mining to transport and so on – we’ve sold it all. Whether you are a multinational company or a private one-man seller we pride ourselves in providing each with individual care – Why Sell With Us.

Auction Format

Yoder & Frey specialize in unreserved public auctions with both on-site and online bidding, all lots are sold to the highest bidder on the day. There are no minimum bids or reserve prices. This allows for better results, as it attracts more bidders, creates more competition and guarantees a sale.

Yoder & Frey regular site auctions provide sellers access to the right buyers. Buyers watch and bid on machinery either on-site in the auction theatre or on Yoder & Frey’s online bidding platform. Online bidders bid in real time, competing against those on-site. As everyone knows all stock is sold on the day, competition is high.

Selling Process 

  • A Yoder & Frey Account Manager will conduct an inspection and appraisal of your equipment.
  • Rates will be negotiated based on the type and volume of equipment you will be selling and a contract signed.
  • You, as a seller, will be responsible for arranging and paying for delivery to our sale site. Yoder & Frey Auctioneers will have field personnel and equipment on site to assist you in unloading. Keep all shipping documents from your trucking company showing proof of delivery to the sale site with a signature of a Yoder & Frey Auctioneers representative. We ask that you send two sets of keys per piece to the auction site and any manuals or service records. These items will help increase the selling price of your equipment.
  • Titles must be turned into the office at least three days prior to the auction.
  • We then target an extensive database of buyers along with new clients through advertising in:
  1. Yoder & Frey website – full listing
  2. Specialized trade publications, print and online
  3. Full color auction brochures
  4. Extensive online advertising
  5. Email and direct mail
  6. Print and radio
  7. Social media
  8. PR
  • We conduct the auction and deal with all buyers enquiries. Yoder & Frey is part of the global Euro Auctions brand, allowing us to attract buyers from all over the world, ensuring your equipment fetches true market value.
  • We collect auction proceeds and pay you within 21 days

Yoder & Frey experienced Account Managers are available to offer advice on selling as they know first-hand the demand for equipment and can easily anticipate current market trends.

If you have a considerable amount of equipment to sell, Yoder & Frey offers an off-site auction service for reasons such as Cessation of Trading or Retirement Auctions.

Yoder & Frey Auctioneers will always recommend the most profitable option for you and your company. Your Account Manager will recommend any optional services to your equipment that will help increase its value; however, we will never force you to make any repairs or improvements. And as always, we NEVER mark up vendors services. We charge you what they charge us.

When you chose to sell with Yoder & Frey we aim to make the experience as easy and hassle free as possible!



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