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Why Sell With Yoder & Frey?

10 reasons why partnering with Yoder & Frey is the right move.

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 1. We take care of everything

Selling equipment can be time consuming; we do all the work for you. From transportation, repairs, cleaning, global marketing, managing enquires, conducting the auction, IT sales and payment collection.

 2. Guaranteed Sale

Operating an unreserved auction means every item is sold to the highest bidder on auction day.

 3. Quick Payment

We collect auction proceeds and pay you within 21 days. 

 4. Competitive Rates

Yoder & Frey strives to have the most competitive Seller’s fees to make it affordable for Sellers to consign plant and equipment to our Auctions.

 5. Maximum Return

We attract buyers not browsers! Yoder & Frey expertly market each auction to a global audience. Our extensive knowledge of the industry ensures Sellers’ machines are advertised in global markets where demand is highest. Yoder & Frey's free online bidding platform allows easy access to each auction from anywhere is the world. With over 50% of Lots being exported, you can be assured your equipment will fetch true global market value.

 6. Worldwide Buyers

Auctions can attract buyers from over 50 countries. Yoder & Frey is part of the global Euro Auctions brand, meaning you can be assured of a global, multi-lingual worldwide exposure. We have loyal buyers in over 150 countries.

 7. Operating since 1964

Run on family values, we have been helping people successfully sell their machinery since 1964. Yoder & Frey have a dedicated team of experts from account managers, IT, marketing, customer services, accounting and so much more, all working to sell your equipment.

 8. Logistics Service

Experts in shipping, Yoder & Frey can advise on fast, affordable shipping and haulage directly to the Auction Site.

 9. Repair Service

Yoder & Frey offer a Repair and Refurbishment service at each Auction Site. Many Sellers avail of this service, as we all know, good quality machines can fetch higher hammer prices.

 10. Worldwide Sites

As part of the Euro Auction brand we have auction sites in nearly every continent and know the demand for construction equipment and can anticipate current market trends. We have permanent sites in Northern Ireland, UK, Spain, Germany, Australia, United Arab Emirates and USA.


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